Mark's Free Lunch

I am going to take my wife for year... and I am going to pay for it all from interent earnings. The catch? I am starting with $0.00. Will it be McDonalds or a Michelin stared resturant?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Goodbye to PTR

I've had $2 paid into my E-gold account so it's goodbye to Pay to read. Once you get going it's quite easy to make about $3 -$4 per week but as i mentioned before it is soul destroying.

The $2 will now be added to one of the Autosurf site I surf daily as an upgrade then once I get upto $10 I'll compound it. The Autosurfing Sites which allow free membership are ticking along nicely I am currently surfing 8 of them and earning around $1 per day

Everyday I try to workout what I'll have earned by the end of the year, I really think I can break the $700 barrier, so I may be able to get a flight somewhere for lunch.

Earning in bank $2
Eating at...McDonalds

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Not so easy as I thought!!

I take it all back! This isn't as easy as I thought it was, I think the proper description would be soul destroying! I have just spent about an hour on a Pay To read program reading 40 emails that would normally be in my spam box...and all for 30cents....

However having said that my balance is increasing and there is some light at the end of the tunnel At the rate things are going I should be able to take some cash out by the middle of next week which i will invest elsewhere and wave a cheery goodbye to pay to Read programs.

I am adding to my income by using Autosurf programs, a number of them offer free $ bonus's when you join and by using their bonus's and daily interest payments you can build up your investment. 3 of these programs alone are making me 45c per day for 10 minutes surfing.

Overall my income is now getting close to $1 per day once I can get cash out of the PTR programs I'll invest it into the Autosurf programs and increase the amount I am earning. With some compounding I should start pulling in a decent amount in a few months

Once i start recieving money into my e-gold account I'll update the financial state.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Easier than I thought

With a bit of research yesterday I found a way of earning .50c to a $1 per day for only 15 minutes set up.

Find a pay to promote company who pay 50C per 1000 impressions, then join a traffic exchange program. Then dig out that old PC in the attic connect it to the internet and run it 24/7 you'll then get 144 impressions per hour and as the say in france et money. Now i could run this for a year and end up with money for a decent meal without doing anything else. However thats not in the spirit of the experiment so Once I have a few $ in my E-gold account I'll invest it into something else.

Currently I am trying the method above and a variety of PTR (pay to Read) programs which pay you from 0.01 cents to 0.5 cents to read ads and do searches etc. This seems like the easiest way to build up a small pot of money over a week or 2 which I can then invest into something more lucrative. I've got my eye on a few autosurf programs

Earned so far 0.80c
Income recieved $.0

Eating at...still on skid row

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Is there such a thing as a Free lunch?

I've decided to conduct an much money can I make from the internet in 1 year starting out with $0.00

On November 6th 2006 exactly 1 year from today I will take my wife to lunch, depending on how much I earn from the Internet depends on what she'll get , will we be eating in McDonalds, a Local resturant or In a 5 star hotel.

At 9.00 am this morning I started this experiment by signing up to a number of pay to read programs The plan is to continue with these until i can get enough money into an E-gold account to invest in some other program

Progress so far

Earned 40 cents
Recieved $0.00
Current planned lunch location..Skid Row